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3 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Video

3 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Video

The YouTube generation no longer belongs to those under the age of 30.  Anyone using the internet anymore knows that video sells, regardless of age, demographic and customer target.

From profile videos to how-to’s and testimonials, videos provide your customers with a sense of who you are and what you do.  Videos help customers get a feel for a product or service before they buy and provide that extra “warm and fuzzy” feeling that nudges them to take action by:

Profiling your business:  A brief video under 2-3 minutes provides just enough to tell potential customers who you are.   Here are examples.

Explaining your product. Explainer videos can be helpful in describing how a product or service works.  Many software companies use these as well as product manufacturers.

Video testimonials provide potential customers with real-life examples of happy and satisfied clients.  There’s nothing like referrals to provide potential buyers with the safe feeling needed to make a purchase or schedule an appointment.  Video testimonials are referrals in action.

For more information on how to use video to grow your business, call the experts at To The Moon Media.  Our direct line is 202-422-6605 to call 844-SEO-LOCAL.  We are based in the southeastern United States but produced videos across the country, in addition to our web design and Search Engine Optimization services.  We get results that impact your bottom line.

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