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5 Tips On How To Create Quality Content

5 Tips On How To Create Quality Content

With Google and Bing constantly making changes to search algorithms, all the while encouraging the use of “quality content,” it’s no wonder marketers are confused.  Just what IS quality content anymore?  How do you know when you write it or read it?

In a recent article, Columnist Nate Dame provided five tips on providing quality content:

  1. Write a strong title and H1.  Make it clear and concise.  If you’re not sure about it, use a tool like Moz’s Title Tage Preview Tool to make sure it’s not too long.
  2. Make sure it entertain, educates or inspires.  This seems simple enough, but the temptation to self-promote can sometimes get in the way here.
  3. Make sure it shareable. If it’s not something worth sharing, it’s probably not quality content.
  4. Go for longer word counts.  This article notwithstanding, analysts report that the sweet spot for SEO seems to be articles of 1000 words or so.  The trend is moving away from short blogs.  Better to put in the extra time and effort for a meaty piece that proves to be worth reading.
  5. Don’t overdo the primary keywords.  It used to be that keyword stuffing was the way to go.  Not anymore.  Keyword stuffing will sink you in SERPs.   If it doesn’t read naturally, or follow rule number two, it’s probably because of keyword stuffing.

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