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Businessman Drawing Business Plan On Wall

Are You Ready for SEO?

Today I spoke with the owner of a small business in the event industry.  The owner was calling a number of SEO companies, trying to find out how to improve her search rankings and how much SEO would cost.  Her…

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A Case Study for Case Studies

Everyone likes a good story.  Stories fascinate, impact and seduce.  They touch the imagination. Case studies are stories too, profiling a tale of business success to appeal to potential customers.  They’re designed to impress and say “we did this and…

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Improve Your PPC Performance

Online advertising, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), sounds quite simple.  Pick your keywords, create an ad and wait for the sales to roll in. But sometimes it doesn’t happen that way.  PPC might not perform the way you expected.  Here are some…

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