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Curated Content You Can Create Yourself

Curated Content You Can Create Yourself

Curated content is content that is pulled from a variety of resources, other online articles and experts and consolidated and recycled into a new article.  In other words, it’s borrowing ideas and insight from other stories to create your own story.  Curated content is used extensively on blogs and is a great way to keep your blog fresh and up to date.

Next time you’re wondering what to write for your blog that is new and original, don’t.  Just do some quick internet research and put together your own curated content.  Here are some quick ideas.

  1. Lists.  These are always popular because they are quick reads and easy to absorb.  Consider an article using “expert tips” on how to do something.  By entering a topic into a search engine, you can usually come up with some great resources.  Compile the most valuable information into your new article.
  2. Infographics.  There are resources on the internet where infographics can be found for free or for a reasonable fee.  There are also great tools now that let you create your own infographics fairly easily.
  3. Books/Blog Sites.  An article providing a list of the best books or blog sites related to your industry is always popular.

A short article packed with helpful information is better than a long blog packed with fluff.  Keep your curated content concise, to the point and engaging.  Your readers will appreciate the effort and keep coming back for more.

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