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How Can I Get My Business Listed On Local Search Engines

How Can I Get My Business Listed On Local Search Engines

It can seem so mysterious and overwhelming at times.  Your competitors all have better positions than you on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Yet, you spend hours each week trying to move your site up in rankings. What’s the secret?

The major search engines, Yahoo, Bing, and Google, all have different algorithms and processes when it comes to both getting listed and placing on search. The algorithms change frequently, sometimes monthly or weekly, and without working in the SEO/web field, it can be very difficult to keep up.  It has been reported that Google has had around 500 algorithm changes in the past year alone. Keeping track of the ins and outs of SEO can be a full time career.

Here is some important advice on how to get your site listed in Yahoo, Google and Bing :

Surprise!  There are Many Yahoo’s and They’re Not Free

Yahoo Paid Directory Submission

Yahoo, unlike Google and other search engines, is a pay-for-inclusion search engine.  Years ago, submitting to Yahoo’s business directory was free.  Of course, things change and those days are long gone.  To be listed on Yahoo’s Directory today requires a minimum of $299 and can run into the thousands for all the subdirectories and bells and whistles.  You must be signed up as a Bing/Yahoo advertiser to be placed in the search engines.  When submitting your listing to Yahoo for inclusion, you want to be sure you have the right category and information.  If you’re not sure which category you want to be in, study the categories your top competitors are in (ask your SEO company for help with this).  It can be hard to get Yahoo to make a change once you have submitted.

It used to be that Yahoo simply used a different algorithm for its search placement, but in 2010 it started utilizing Bing for its search engine results.  is crucial to submit to sites using proper methods.   Trends are heading in the direction of using “human edited” indexes in search results.   Being listed in Yahoo can give you a bump in your Google ranking as well, so the expense is usually worth it.

To get listed on Yahoo, start by searching it and seeing if you are already on there. At the bottom of the page is a small “Submit a Site” link. Follow the directions here to get your site in the loop.  You can learn more about additional costs by visiting

Yahoo! Paid Search (Like PPC But With A Different Name)

If you’ve ever done pay-per-click with Google, the concept is the same with Yahoo! but they call it by a different name (currently called Pay-Per-Clickthrough Ads but the name has changed over the years).  You pay for performance on search results, plain and simple.

How to Get Found on Google

Google, on the other hand, determines rank in local search by an ever-changing algorithm that includes among other things:

  1. Content
  2. Number of links to your site from other sites, ranking, and how popular and authoritative they are.
  3. Social media reaches, footprints, etc.
  4. Content (yes, content really is king).

Some business owners believe any link is a good link, and resort to using low cost, so called “high result” inexpensive link builders listed on foreign sites.  Most of these people are not USA based.  They promise authoritative, high ranking non-spammy links for a few bucks.  These links are almost always machine generated and often include links to Chinese, Russian, foreign sites, and other spammy links that could easily get you penalized by Google.  These are not the type of links Google is looking for.  Saving a few bucks on the front end of the link building process could cost you thousands or more in trying to recover from a Google penalty.

Google crawls continuously and you should starting watching for movement.  Depending on your site, the competitiveness of your industry/market and your selected keywords you could move quickly or quite slowly.  However, as with everything, good things come to those who wait.  If you’re interested in exploring the services and benefits of using a professional digital marketing agency, call us at 844-SEO-LOCAL or email:

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