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How Does Local Search Help My Retail Business?

How Does Local Search Help My Retail Business?

Ever wonder how your retail business is impacted by your customers and their smartphones?  A recent study by the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council reveals just how retailers are helped (or hurt) by the widespread use of mobile.  Here is what customers reported doing on their phones.  It is a great guide for retailers when planning their SEO and web marketing efforts:

  • Find location/get directions (58% of respondents)
  • Find store hours (57%)
  • Compare prices (44%)
  • Find promotions and special offers (44%)
  • Browse products and services (43%)
  • Find where specific products are sold (32%)
  • Find product information (31%)
  • Find product/service reviews (30%)
  • Make a purchase (19%)

Surprisingly, the study also finds that eight out of ten mobile users prefer to utilize their phones while in the store to obtain information rather than approach a store employee.  Shoppers who utilize mobile while in the store also tend to spend more time in the retailer and tend to spend more as well.  Perhaps fewer employees and more cell phone charging stations with free wifi will be the new “must haves” for retailers in 2015?

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